Who, What and Why?

Hello! My name is Sajan Rajagopal and yes, this is my blog.
I want to make one thing clear right now- This blog is not about me.
I intend this blog to simply be optimistic and humorous portrayals of human interactions with their fellow living beings, environment, society and the system that governs them in general. The blog posts may either be in the form of written articles, stories, animations, cartoon strips, images, movie clips or simply the roughest doodles on earth. Anything goes as long as you, the reader, get the picture. Basically, this blog can be about anything interesting, informative, funny and noteworthy told through the lens of my mind.
But who is Sajan Rajagopal? Don’t you, the reader, have the right to know who I am before viewing this blog’s contents? I decided that I shall reveal relevant information about myself through a Self Introductory Blog Post.
I’ve spent the past few days deliberating with myself on how and what to present as self information:
Surely it has to be special; after all, it is my 1st blog post?
Can’t it just be plain and simple, like- To the facts?
Like a Resume?
Umm, No.
Should I just share my Facebook link?
Are you kidding? It’s full of Farmville spam thanks to your Organic friends.
How about just a few random details written down in bullet points?
For Christ’s sake, forget the personal details. Let them read the blog and find out who I am!
This is a blog, not a matrimonial profile for people to read and understand you!
And so it went on, myself and I arguing on the very 1st post until finally, after much deliberation I decided what it shall be- A picture of myself. People say that an image speaks a thousand words. Well, this one actually does.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adieu, I present to you, Sajan Rajagopal

(Please Note: I am not a tattooed, beach thronging, schizophrenic, ex-bodybuilder as my wife observed, looking at the image below. I am just a normal, hydra headed occasional extrovert with lots to share.)


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11 Responses to Who, What and Why?

  1. liyancy says:

    ha ha ha…. u finally did it!! and dint know that u wer a lizard fan(eeewww)!!! and oh i finally stopped play farmville so there wil be one less spam to deal with!!!! 🙂 cant wait to read the rest..keep them coming!!!

  2. Welcome Blogging..
    The Inro picture is too good.. It depicts everything and also brought eagerness in us to see your posts..

  3. Kapithra says:

    🙂 ….Finally you have arrived! Amazing self-projection!

  4. Supriya says:

    Hello Sir.. Oru photo eduthakalaama ungaloda?? Oru autograph??

  5. Supriya says:

    haha.. Your blog is awesome!! You sure know to grab everyone’s attention in your own funny way :))
    I loved your self depiction on top.. Funny!!
    But there are a couple of things you could’ve added there. Will take it offline 😀

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