My ‘Happy New Year’ Resolutions!

Here we go:

  • I will not make fun of Vegetarians – No more ‘Did you like the grass soup?’ jokes… Sigh!
  • Done and disgusted with Kolaveri Di’. No more!
  • Never again will I set foot inside any ‘Sagar Hotel’…. Ever!
  • Will control my addiction for Bubble Blowers
  • Will try to learn the art of Bargaining
  • Will try and go ‘hair cutting’ more often (let’s say, once in two months at least?)
  • Will try and stop sulking when the better half serves me Chappathi instead of full meals for dinner.
  • Will try and make peace with the stray dog down the road (He started it though!)
  • Will try and stop using the word ‘country brute’- (It’s a difficult one with the News Channels on!)

And finally,

Will blog more… for Sure!

Happy English New Year to all!


Yours Truly
The Blogger.

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