Unrecognized ‘Great Moments’ of Indian Cinema

Have you ever watched a movie where you loved a particular scene or a dialogue and it just stuck to your head? I am not talking about those ‘Iconic moments of Indian cinema’ scenes that everybody loves and appreciates. I am talking about the tiny flashes of brilliance by probably less important actors. Scenes that just stuck to you head for their entertainment quotient so much so that you felt it deserved much more credit than it ever received. I have enjoyed many such flashes of great Tamil cinema through these years. Hence, I have compiled just a few such scenes for your delight. Please watch and share. Who knows, you can probably even suggest some more priceless gems for my future posts!

(P.S– These scenes should make you smile even if you don’t know Tamil. Watch it and enjoy yourself)

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One Response to Unrecognized ‘Great Moments’ of Indian Cinema

  1. I like ur different scenes with ur brilliance thought of tiny flashes from the tamil cinema. especially m g r parathanatiam super. what a great comedy about indian Cricket Team, but the real poor situation of indian Cricket Team. Govinda enterprises is super.

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