The 100’th iphone

There is no doubt that Apple will release its 100th iphone before VVS Laxman decides to retire from International Cricket. If ‘Apple Inc.’ were a country, they’d have the highest birth-rate considering the speed in which they deliver products. Now I know that I have already written an article on the need to keep a cell phone plain and simple but just to play devil’s advocate, if I were a designer for Apple (‘You wish you Banana!’, the crowd erupts) and I wanted to give the world an ‘out of this world’ iphone, what would the phone be like? Here, take a look. I present to you, the iphone 100:

‘Hey, hold on you Design Quack (a.k.a Tumbler Nakki!) There’s nothing in this image! It’s empty!’ you remonstrate. Well, believe it or not, you are looking at my concept iphone- The quantum iphone!!

Inspired by the ever spreading thread of spirituality in the world, the quantum iphone incorporates advanced quantum technology thereby making it possible to build an intelligent and powerful phone with interlinked quantum dust.

You don’t get it do you? Well, take a look at the picture below to understand what I am saying:

Imagine the iphone to look like a swarm of mosquitoes hovering over your head. Except, instead of mosquitoes, your phone will be made of tiny yet powerful and intelligent quantum particles floating in the air!

This is how the iphone will look like when zoomed in:

Yes, even in the Quantum level, the iphone’s default shape will not change! And yes, I did use MS Paint’s spray can (large spray) to create this image now but it isn’t far away from the distant reality! So laugh all you want. Hmmph!

Basically, this iphone will be invisible to the naked eye. Each swarm of free floating particles shall be duly assigned and bound by the location, interactions and commands of a single phone and its user. When asked by the user to be switched on, the particles will align themselves into relevant illuminating patterns to produce a visual interface like the one shown below:

The iphone 100 will spiritually bind with you for life like the Hutch dog and follow you wherever you go! You never even have to touch it. Just command it and you will hear voices all around you! I even have a Tag line for the iphone 100:

Love is in the air, and so your iphone!

Afterthought: MS Paint Rocks! I love it!

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2 Responses to The 100’th iphone

  1. sai says:

    When i first read the blog i thought Sajan has completely lost it n is just writing crap blogs while taking a dump…but the moment i read “tumbler nakki” I knew this was his master piece ..the fact remains that iphone is going to constantly evolve n eventually intergrate into our everyday life…it may even turn around and call u “tumbler nakki” hang up the phone……

    • lol.. tell me bout it! am scared to think about the gadgets of the future! u remember that 500 rupees reliance phone which looked like a brick yet u could use it for international calls for a few months bfore disposing it off? life was so easy back then man! (how many osi calls we guys made from it!) Lol.

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