Guna’s Question Marks- Celebrity Interviews- 01

You all know my good friend Guna, the Auto Driver right? Well, Guna has been a constant source of encouragement and distraction in equal proportions when it comes to the evolution of this blog. It was only a matter of time before I gave Guna a well deserved platform to reach out to you people. So when he pitched me this Idea, I couldn’t think of a better concept for Guna as I gleefully agreed. Starting from this post, Guna shall feature regularly in my blog with his celebrity Interview segment titled- ‘Guna’s Question marks’!
Thanks to his shy yet caustic nature, Guna’s encounters with various celebrities in his quest for a Rapid fire interview is guaranteed to be a laugh riot!

Disclaimer: Before you start wondering how Guna gets to meet his celebrities, let me answer that for you-  He swears to me that he keeps bumping into celebrities at his local Tea shop joint. That is where the interviews take place. Even though I know for sure that he’s lying, the fictional interviews are too good not to publish for you viewer’s. So enjoy as Guna takes over:

Ladies, Men, babies and Old people, I am honoured to introduce my guest today in ‘Guna’s Question Marks’ – The Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh!

Vanakkam Thiru. Manmohan Singh Sir.
Vanakkam. Namaste Mr. Guna
Sir, First of all, I want to inquire about your health. How are you?
Oh I am fine thank you
Is your throat problem OK now?
Throat problem?
Yes. You are not able to talk for many years no. At least now Ok’ va?
Er.. Yes, Well…
How is your son, Raagul Gandhi?
He’s fine, but he’s not my Son!
What?? Serious’ah ? So you are not from Gandhi family ah???
No no…I am from a different family…
Oh my Lord Muruga! How you ever become PM ya? Without jointing with Gandhi family?
Well, Uh.. The Congress party is known for Democracy and..
 My dost Kabali told me that Congress is known for Corruption Saar.
No Mr. Guna, I think you are trying to malign the..
 Talking about Marine….Saar, why you are letting Sri Lankan fellows kill our fishermen? Don’t you want good fish?
Please don’t say sorry Saar. If you want, I can arrange 500 persons to guard our Fishermen.
Uh, I don’t think so. I have to ask my Cabinet ministers.
Ayyayo! Nobody likes your ministers Saar, especially that one man who is always smiling like he is watching comedy movie.
That Kapil Dev fellow.
There is no Kapil dev in my ministry. You probably mean….
Saar, what about Black money?
Did you see the movie ‘Sivaji’?
No, why?
In it Rajinikanth gets back black money in less than 4 scenes but you and your government, cha…
Mr. Guna, I…
Yesterday I went to market Saar, 1 kg mutton is 360 Rupees.
What Saar ok? Now 1 full goat is more expensive that Mercedes Benz! How I will eat?
The government is doing its best to control Inflation and..
Saar, because of Infection I don’t have money. You have to pay for the Tea
One last Question Saar
Touch any one of my fingers (holding out al 5 fingers)
Oh, but I am not supposed to take any decision till the next election!
This is too much… Just touch one
Oh well ok, here goes (Chooses the middle finger, being the safe economist)
Hee Hee…Ha Ha (Guna getting up from the bench to leave)
Wait. What was that all about?
I wanted you to guess what the people will do to your Party in the next elections
Oh ya? And what did I choose?
I think you know the answer Saar. You chose right! … and Thanks for the Tea.

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