Fun with Google Predict

Is there anything better than a Saturday afternoon siesta?

Yes, there are many things better but, is there anything more dreadful than your Saturday afternoon siesta being shattered by the plumber ringing the bell at 3 in the afternoon?

The answer is an agonisingly drowsy yet resounding NO!!

So the plumber got down to fixing leaking faucets while I lumbered my way to the computer, trying to find a way to stay awake while he finishes his job. And that effort has led to this blog post- an experiment with Google’s predict options

Every time you try to search something in Google these days, Google tries to be too clever by predicting what you are trying to search. While being helpful most of the time, Google predict can be downright funny at times. I have listed a few examples below with a star rating for some of the most funny, weird, eye catching predictions by Google which paints a pretty dismal, amusing, interesting and all together reflective look at the Human Psyche across the globe! Here are some interesting examples:

and finally, the boss in google!

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12 Responses to Fun with Google Predict

  1. Andy Res says:

    Very funny, sometimes google makes your day!

  2. meowpurrs says:

    This is an extremely funny and cool post. Google always seems to bring me accurate results but i have never looked so hard at the other interesting ones… 🙂

    • thanks a lot devi! and ya, google predict pretty much reflects what the whole world searches which tells us what a funny world we live in! thanks for reading and comments again.

  3. debajyoti says:

    what was that? so that’s called google predict. i always wondered why google tries to act smart with me.

    you sound like a techie guy, so, let me make full use of this comment. couldn’t figure out the browser on those images? i am still stuck with mozilla. suggest me a nice browser 😀

    • the distance between me and IT should be measured in light years. But to answer your question is- ‘google chrome’. it opens, runs and closes well ad that’s all we need done we?

  4. Usha A. says:

    There are some things that mankind was never meant to know; for everything else, there’s Google. 🙂

  5. I’ve marvelled before at the prescient predictions of Google. That was a hilarious list you have compiled. My crown vote goes for ‘The world is going to hell and I am driving the bus!’

    • thank you. and ya, that sure was a gem, wasn’t it? i want to try the same predictions the next year to see how much the world has changed in its quest for knowledge!

  6. Swarnali says:

    This one is hysterical. My faves are the first and last ones. “The world is going to hell and am driving the bus”?? bwahahahaha 😀 I should try this when I am bored next time 😛 For times when I have nothing worthwhile to do I copy the lyrics of some random English song and then google translate it to Hindi. Try this one with LP’s “Numb”. Following you, you have a cool blog 🙂

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