A day in the life of a 10 Month Old

Over the last 10 months, if there has been one individual who has captivated my entire family and has personally kept me spell bound by his antics, it’s my darling Nephew. It has been an absolute treat to watch this cute little bundle of energy transform every day into something more delightful than the day before. And with an army of people surrounding him, feeding him, cuddling him and observing his every move, it is only fair to call him the boss of our family right now.

Many a times I have wondered what goes on in his mind that inspires him through his daily routine. So it is with this sense of wonder that I write this post- an effort to capture a day in the life of a 10 month old- through his perspective of course!

5:00 A.M: A slight stir and a toss and twitch later… (Still dreaming)

‘No No…. don’t go away. Come back to me. Please. Hey! Stay…
The Giant Milk Bottle disappears as he wakes up.
Huh… Where am I? Where is she? She has left me!
Mother comes running in…
Oh wait, there she is. Where were you? How dare you leave me and go?! WAAAAH!
Oh wait… Yes! Milk!

6:00 A.M: The living room where he spots the Newspaper.

Ah! That glorious thing. Let me grab it before anyone sees me.
But alas, Granny gets there before any damage is done!
Damn it. She always gets there before me. Where were you all this while?! I am bored. Give me that paper!

7:30 A.M: Surrounded by his toys on the floor as the maid walks in

Hi!! Oh my god! You are here. Lift me up! Hurry! Let me pull your hair.
But the maid’s got to wash utensils after a few minutes…
Where are you going? Wait…
What do you do here with so many ‘clanging’ stuff in your hand? Give me that big shiny thing! Please! At least a spoon!

8:30 A.M: After cutting off entry to the kitchen for over an hour, he heads off to wake up grandpa.

Hey, wake up old man. Look at me!
The ladies out there aren’t giving me anything I want. I need your help. Get up
Grandpa pulls his blanket over his head.
No. Don’t go back to sleep. Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey!!! Ya Ya Ya… Wooo…Gloo….Prrrrrr……..

8:45 A.M: Grandpa furiously reads the newspaper before handing it over.

8:50 A.M: The newspaper is no longer available. R.I.P

9:00 AM: The force feeding begins.

No…No… Stop it. Mmmmmm… No
Granny then feeds the toy giraffe.

Huh? Why are you giving away my food to him? You are so cruel
Give me that…. Gulp… Gulp… Enough!
Giraffe is fed again
Ok… wait. Give me some more… Gulp… Gulp.. Hee hee, See, I beat you (triumphantly swinging the giraffe by its ear)

10:00 A.M: A loud and boisterous fight ensues with the giraffe and it is thrown away.

10:30 A.M: Bath Time- No thoughts during bath since he is fast asleep within a minute.

11:00 A.M: A crow crows outside the window.

What? You are here! Wait for me
He dashes across the bed to the window and a conversation ensues.
Hey! Look here
Caw Caw!
What? I can’t understand
Caw Caw
Are you hungry?
Caw Caw Caw
Me too!
Caw (loudly)
Come closer, will you. Let me touch your beak!
Caw  Caw (very loudly)
How dare you! Waddadadsf…Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…There, now try screaming louder! Hee Hee (a triumphant giggle)

12:00 A.M: Lunch. He spots granny walking menacingly closer with a giant bowl in Hand.

Oh Boy! There she comes with that big bucket. I got to run away. Wheee….
Unfortunately, granny holds the walker down with her toe.

12:35 P.M: No No No No No No No No….. (Shaking head vigorously with lips tightly sealed)

12:50 P.M: Prrrrrrrrrr……. (food sprays out signalling the absolute limit- No more food!)

4:00 P.M: Evening walk with mom. Entertainment factor- The old watchman.

Ttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! (The watchman makes a funny noise)
Ha Ha Ha Ha…. hee hee hee…..gaaaaaarrrrrgggleee! Oh my god. Stop it! My stomach hurts!
Ha Ha Ha Ha hee hee hee heehehehehehehe! Oh my god, you are too funny old man!
After 50 ‘Trrrrrrrrr’s, the old man is almost fainting and finally stops.
Wait, don’t go. Do it again. We just started you lazy lump! Trrrrr….. Trrrr……..

7: 00 P.M: Mom absentmindedly opens the Refrigerator door in front of him.

Oooooooooh! YES! YES YES! BOOOM! (The walker swerves dangerously through the living room and dashes into the refrigerator)
The door is shut immediately
No No No No… Open the door. Open Open Open. I promise, only one peek inside. I don’t want anything else in life. Please please please!!! Open Open
Finally, the magic door opens and he stares into it forever.

8:45 P.M: He is nervous and fidgety! The ladies think he is sleepy after dinner. But he is excited for a different reason…

8:59 P.M: Where is he? Why hasn’t he come to see me yet? (Very sad)

9:00 P.M: The Newshour begins on Times Now and Arnab Goswami has started to talk!

Hey! You are here! Yaaaaaaaaayyy!

9: 15 P.M: He Watches Arnab on TV, while jumping furiously. Granddad wonders why the little one is so excited suddenly.

And finally,

10:00 P.M: The struggle to sleep (even though he is very sleepy)

No No… Put me down. Don’t sing that song. I want to play!

Please… The crow is calling me; Arnab is still talking, the fridge, the watchman, the spoon… Oh my God. How can I leave all that and sleep… please….. No… My eyelids… they are… closing… no… Please… let me…. yawn… play…. yawn… zzz….

WHAT?? Let me get up… No… Oh my.. I feel… la la la la…lala…. hmmmm….. ya… yum… zzzz…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

11:00 P.M: ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz…….. (Trrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Hee Hee)

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8 Responses to A day in the life of a 10 Month Old

  1. umashankar says:

    Superb! I have never come across a view of the world presented through the eyes of a 10 months old so wonderfully! Kept me smiling hard all along.

  2. Swarnali says:

    Haha that was so cute … 😀 Watching li’l ones, their antics and expressions is entertainment in itself 🙂

  3. Abu says:

    Amazing stuff dude!!! enjoyed every bit of it…. very very imaginative and authentic!!! 😀

  4. Interesting take. Never imagined it that way.

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