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Design in the Dustbin

The recent drive by the Bangalore Municipal Corporation to make Waste segregation mandatory has drawn a lot of flak (rather than drawing a lot of wet waste as originally intended!) How can Design play an important role in societal issues … Continue reading

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The Indian ‘Curiosity’

Can you believe that at this very moment (stop yawning), the curiosity rover on Mars is taking a joy ride- muscling over cliffs and zapping rocks with its deadly laser beam? And all its activity is remote controlled by some seriously messed … Continue reading

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Design Inspiration

How important is Inspiration in life and how should one get inspired? Find out: Design Inspiration Regards, The Vadakari’ist

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My Favorite Blogs- I

Since the title suggests pretty much what this post is about, let me get directly to the point. Over the years I have come to appreciate, analyze and admire many blogs across the vast expanse of the Blogosphere. And to … Continue reading

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