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Public Toilet Etiquette- A Dummy’s Guide

Show me a single man who hasn’t had a harrowing experience in a public toilet in India (Excuse me Ladies but since I have never ‘intentionally’ stepped into a ladies Toilet, I really cant comment on how, many of you misuse the … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of the missing Car logo!

The recent surge in Car emblem thefts across India raises a very interesting Design Question. Find out below: Cultural Sensitivity in Design Regards, The Vadakari’ist

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Apathy Hunter 1- What are India’s Problems?

Ask anyone what they think are the biggest problems facing India today. The answers you would get are probably some or all of the following: Hunger Malnutrition Poverty Healthcare Infrastructure Irrigation Global Warming Corruption Communalism Casteism Law and Order I … Continue reading

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Guna Interviews Sajan- Anniversary Special!

Don’t know who Guna is? Please read his Intro before Proceeding: Guna and I met in the tea shop the other day. I had told him about the blog’s 1st anniversary and Guna being such an integral part of … Continue reading

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‘The Vadakari Factory’ turns 1- A Big Thank You!

Exactly a year ago, I published my first post on ‘The Vadakari Factory’. Back then, my blog was called something else as it took me many weeks after that to even finalize the name. The idea to start a blog … Continue reading

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