Guna Interviews Sajan- Anniversary Special!

Don’t know who Guna is? Please read his Intro before Proceeding:

Guna and I met in the tea shop the other day. I had told him about the blog’s 1st anniversary and Guna being such an integral part of it, was delighted. He invited me to his favorite hangout for a one on one rapid fire Interview:

Hello to All the peoples, I want to introduce my guest today in ‘Guna’s Question Marks’ – India’s worshtesht blogger- Thiru Sajan Rasakovaal. I have ten questions for him in this rapid fire session.

Hello Mr Sajan
Hi Guna, please call me like you always do. No formalities.

Ok da dei Tumbler Nakki (Can’t translate)!
Er… Thanks
First question- Why your nose is so big?
I saw your picture in your Blog Gravatar. It does not look like you. This is how you actually look. I want your readers to know this!

Thanks for the flattering depiction

Second question: You think you are one big comedia’ah?
No No…I just use my demented sense of humour to the best of my ability.

(After a minute’s silence)- You got any head injury when you were young’ah?
Is that the 3rd question Guna? (Giggling)
Yes, it is the most important question. And stop giggling like one Onai(Hyena)
Sorry again and No- No head injuries. My humour is naturally this bad!

Kadavule! (Lord help us). 4th Question: Why you like that Arnab fellow so much? He is giving you money for marketing’ah?
Ha Ha… No Guna. I like colourful personalities and I can’t resist referring to them in my posts.
Thambi, if you want colourful personality’na you should write more about Ramarajan ya!

I shall keep that in mind Guna. Will include him for sure in future posts.

Next Question: Which is your favourite blog post of yours?
Hmmm… It’s difficult to choose…

I understand. They are all equally bad. 6th Question: After you get job, you will stop writing blog’ah?
Er… Guna. I am employed full time right now.
Serious’ah va? Kabali told me you are Unemployed da dei! (Roaring with Laughter)
Funny. Yes.

7th Question: Why all your blog posts are like Ramayanam? You can’t write short articles’ah?
Ha Ha… people have told me that Guna. I shall henceforth try to rein in the random outpouring of words from my mind.

Whatever! 8th Question: Banana Bajji or Chilli Bajji?
Chilli Bajji. Definitely.

Nice. Thought you had turned into a Wuss! 9th Question: What is your future plan with this Blog?
Just to keep writing man. As long as I have something to share, I write. 

Last Question: Cash or Card?
Huh? (Guna gets up and walks away as I end up paying hundred bucks for Tea, Biscuits and Bajji’s)

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2 Responses to Guna Interviews Sajan- Anniversary Special!

  1. Valli says:

    Funny but nice interview 😀

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