Public Toilet Etiquette- A Dummy’s Guide

Show me a single man who hasn’t had a harrowing experience in a public toilet in India (Excuse me Ladies but since I have never ‘intentionally’ stepped into a ladies Toilet, I really cant comment on how, many of you misuse the public toilets)

The dismal state of public toilets across India points to an arrogant and indifferent mindset of the majority of people in our country. It is high time we realize that ‘Pee Pee‘, ‘Poo Poo‘ and ‘Vaa Vaa‘ (that’s Vomit) are very personal, hygiene related and uncontrollable aspects of a human body. So when put in a situation where you have to share a toilet with a thousand others, it is imperative that you follow certain etiquette. I , along with a couple of friends had done this poster for our workplace sometime back on Toilet etiquette. Please read, memorize and share. Oh and most importantly- Follow! Happy Toileting!

(P.S- Please click on Image to enlarge)

Credit for the sketching and conceptualization goes to Himanshu Soni and Shoubhik Dutta Roy- My friends and fellow sufferers of bad toilet etiquette.

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4 Responses to Public Toilet Etiquette- A Dummy’s Guide

  1. Nirvana says:

    hehehe……….. except for the aiming, the rest pretty much hold true for the women as well – a noble initiative indeed! 🙂

  2. TTT says:

    he he he ha ha ha haw haw …. yes you don’t laugh when you actually go thro this 🙂 been there seen the worst !

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