Unusual ‘Search Engine Terms’ for The Vadakari Factory

Analyzing a collection of data can be very amusing. Especially when the data is from ones personal blog. Regular data like the most popular post, posts that were very poorly received,  which day of the week sees the most activity etc. helps us bloggers in our endeavor to make our blogs more popular and meaningful. However, a few statistics available to us are downright unusual yet hilarious  For example, some of the Search Engine terms that people have used over the past year to land up in my blog are worthy of sharing. Have a look:

‘sample pondicherry wine shop bill’

If you are trying to forge something, at least think big. Why in the world would you want to come online looking for a sample bill from a dark little wine shop in Pondicherry? Anyway, I don’t want to disappoint you. I can vaguely remember from my college days how a wine shop bill will look like in Pondicherry. Hope you find this useful in your noble endeavor:

Sample Pondicherry wine shop bill

Sample Pondicherry wine shop bill


Either this surfer was below the age limit of 2 or above the alcohol limit by a lot. It could have been a kid playing with the keyboard and accidentally stepping into my blog but I have a feeling that it was a tipsy drunk trying to type ‘travel’ before passing out on the keyboard.

‘are chennai traffic police bastards’

Now Now… there is no need to get abusive just because the cops pulled you over for Drunken driving. What amuses me is the fact that Google directed you to my website to find out the answer to this query. I must reiterate that I have the utmost respect for the cops of this wonderful city and would like to put it on the record that CHENNAI TRAFFIC POLICE ARE NOT BASTARDS.

‘кичи-кичи радио рекорд’

Well, I have no idea what language this is. If anybody can tell me, it would help me a lot. (I hope its got nothing to with sex)

‘military grade stun-guns that look like smart phones’

As a blogger, when somebody searching for shit like this lands up in your blog for inspiration, it troubles you. I sincerely hope I have given this person no such creative spark in his quest for a gun that looks like a smart phone!

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