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The 2013 Budget- Guna’s Opinion

The budget has just been presented. The reactions have been so far mixed (In a country of 1.2 billion, can there ever be any other reaction other than mixed?). Anyway, while the brilliant men and women of this country who … Continue reading

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Solving India’s Problems- Langur Style!

I love the way we Indians solve our problems. Be it the simple piece of folded paper below a rocking chair or the introduction of FDI in retail to boost our economy, Indians love myopic and temporary solutions that only … Continue reading

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How to Win an Oscar- A 10 point formula

So ‘Argo‘ wins the best movie award at the Oscar’s this year. Frankly, I thought it would be Lincoln. But then there was Zero Dark Thirty which certainly seemed like a strong contender until a few weeks back. The increasingly tough competition … Continue reading

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Design can change Behavior?!

The next time you hit the brakes hard upon seeing a speed breaker on the road, please spare a thought for the reason behind that ugly bump in the middle of an otherwise smooth road. The world of design has … Continue reading

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