Guna is a 35 year old Auto driver from Chennai. He was born and raised in Central Chennai. With an educational background of 8th standard pass and an impressive two years as a lorry cleaner, Guna swears he has been an auto driver for over 15 years in Chennai now. He recently bought his own auto through a bank loan after years of driving for someone else. Apart from his wife and three young kids, he also loves the very many Tasmac Wine shops around town. He is politically active judging by the graffiti on his Auto but seems to change loyalty according to whichever party is in power. I however do suspect him to be a closet ‘Political Rajinikanth’ supporter (keep dreaming, I wanted to tell him). The constant ‘switching’ seems to go beyond his political affiliations as he comes across as a guy who changes his mind ever so often about everything! Ah, a natural designer isn’t he? He is also a self confessed LTTE sympathizer and is not very fond of Hindi. He sports a funky tattoo of a person who vaguely resembles MGR and also in a way resembles George Bush- He has no idea when he got it! With an ever present Bubbly, Hilarious and pleasingly Grouchy demeanor about him, it is my pleasure to have him as an integral part of my Blog!


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