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The 2013 Budget- Guna’s Opinion

The budget has just been presented. The reactions have been so far mixed (In a country of 1.2 billion, can there ever be any other reaction other than mixed?). Anyway, while the brilliant men and women of this country who … Continue reading

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Guna’s Question Marks- Celebrity Interview- 02

Don’t know who Guna is? Please read his Intro before Proceeding: https://sajanrajagopal.wordpress.com/guna/ Disclaimer: Before you start wondering how Guna gets to meet his celebrities, let me answer that for you-  He swears to me that he keeps bumping into celebrities … Continue reading

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Guna’s Question Marks- Celebrity Interviews- 01

You all know my good friend Guna, the Auto Driver right? Well, Guna has been a constant source of encouragement and distraction in equal proportions when it comes to the evolution of this blog. It was only a matter of … Continue reading

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The Real Chennai Auto Trilogy- Part 3

The Real Chennai AUTO Modeled in Pro/Engineer. Digitally rendered using Keyshot but sentimentally and emotionally Designed, packaged and brought to you by Guna, Kabali and yours truly- The Blogger. So there you have it! A true blood Chennai Auto Designed … Continue reading

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The ‘Real Chennai Auto’ Trilogy- Part 2

Please read PART 1- before reading this post. Will help you understand better…Thanks. Earlier, in my quest for a culturally significant Chennai Auto rickshaw, I encountered Auto drivers Guna and Kabali whom I roped in as Designers for this special project. … Continue reading

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The Real Chennai Auto Trilogy- Part 1

Q: What is Yellow and Black, flies fast with a loud buzzing noise and leaves you with a sting every time you interact with it? A: Anywhere else in the world it would be a Bee but in Chennai, it … Continue reading

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