What is Vadakari?

The Vadakari is a popular Tamil dish especially from Chennai. To put its composition simply- It is a mixture of Spongy, neglected, leftover Vadai, Sambar and a few other vegetables from the day before to make a tasty dish.

This blog does not have any relevance with Vadakari whatsoever. So stop looking for a relation between the two. The only reason I named my Blog so is because I thought it sounds good. Although, the fact that you can literally put any ingredient in your Vadakari as long as it tastes good, was always in the back of my mind when I decided to call my blog ‘The Vadakari Factory’.

So Enjoy the Vadakari’s as I roll them out!

(P.S: Please do leave a tip after every Vadakari. Not much. Just a few words will do. Thanks!!)


5 Responses to Vadakari

  1. Kapi says:


  2. Kapi says:

    nice naming ceremony

  3. Adarsh says:

    Nice time pass.. 🙂

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